Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Blog 2011 onwards

It’s my new blog for the New Year (and decade). Not for any reason other than Blogger is now available directly from my Google Apps account: boring I know, but it makes things a shade easier to manage.

I’ve still got the Dales High Way pencilled in for this year or next, albeit with a Lancashire start at Pendle Hill, linking with the published route at Hetton. The new Pennine Journey route looks good too, although I’ve already walked sizable chunks of the route on other projects; the Wainwright book on which it’s based is a good, if idiosyncratic read.

I’ve whiled away the dark nights by taking Wainwright at his word and devising my own walk between the east and west coasts: from Filey to Arnside. And a good walk it looks too. I’ll probable spend time walking sections to hone the route.   

Whatever I do I’ve first got to motivate myself to get off my arse or I’ll soon have problems wobbling to the pub!       

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